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FareShare Vans
FareShare – Impact report: April 2021 – December 2021

Pacifica Group’s ongoing support of FareShare helped us to rescue and redistribute enough surplus food for the…

Fri 17 December 21

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Kevin and Stuart
Pacifica Group appoints highly experienced financial specialist Stuart Hall as new CFO

Pacifica Group, the UK’s leading appliance repair and domestic energy services company, has appointed Stuart Hall as…

Fri 17 December 21

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dishwasher collection
Pacifica Group helps local carers clean up with dishwasher donations

Pacifica Group has donated the first batch of dishwashers to local carers and healthcare workers.

Tue 23 November 21

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Climate Change Pledge
Pacifica Group signs County Durham Climate Change Agreement

Pacifica Group joins North East businesses in a pledge to tackle climate change as part of a new initiative from…

Thu 11 November 21

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Scott Pallister with dishwasher
Pacifica Group launches dishwasher donation scheme for local healthcare workers and carers

Pacifica Group, the Houghton-le-Spring-based appliance repair and domestic energy service company, is offering 30…

Mon 01 November 21

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Pacifica Group recruits dozens of young people through Government Kickstart Scheme

Pacifica Group has recruited 10 young people and has plans to take on another 59 staff aged 16-24 through the…

Thu 02 September 21

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Tree Planting
Pacifica Group enters woodland creation partnership to support its carbon offsetting targets

Pacifica Group has partnered with Forest Carbon to support the creation of new woodlands, as part of its commitment to…

Wed 18 August 21

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Heating installation
Eligible homes in Gateshead to receive ‘Green Packs’ that unlock Government funding

Independent energy study uncovers £154million of Government funding available to householders in Gateshead, with most…

Mon 28 June 21

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FareShare North East Vans
Pacifica Group’s support of FareShare helps rescue surplus food for over 12,000 meals

Pacifica Group’s ongoing support of FareShare has helped rescue enough surplus food for the equivalent of over 12,000…

Fri 11 June 21

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