Mon 28 June 21

Eligible homes in Gateshead to receive ‘Green Packs’ that unlock Government funding

Independent energy study uncovers £154million of Government funding available to householders in Gateshead, with most eligible homes unaware how to access these home energy improvement funds

Heating installation
households in Gateshead are missing out on grants for energy efficiency measures including heating systems

The results from a study have found that more than 46,000 homes in Gateshead could be eligible for government grants to improve their energy efficiency and cut fuel bills for local householders.

The independent study, carried out by Healthy Homes Solutions and County Durham-based home services company Pacifica Group, uncovered funding totalling £154 million for the area designated to help people across a wide range of energy home improvements. It also showed that most of the homes they believe to be eligible, were not taking advantage of this available government support.

Among the applicable grants are funds for the installation of full central heating systems, digital control systems and electric storage heaters, as well as gas boiler replacements. Households can also get access to grants for loft and underfloor insulation, draft proofing and internal, cavity and external wall insulation.

Upgrading properties will not only allow householders to reduce their gas and electricity bills, it will create a warmer home and a better living environment, while also making the property more environmentally friendly.

From this week homes across Gateshead will start to receive ‘Green Packs’, which contain details of available funding and how to apply. Eligible householders can then arrange a survey of their property ahead of the installation of energy efficiency measures, which will be undertaken by Pacifica Group engineers.

The ‘Green Packs’ will be issued in a staged programme to enable Healthy Homes Solutions and Pacifica Group to best manage the survey and installation process.

Erik Coates, Energy Service Director of Pacifica Group, said: “We teamed up with Healthy Homes Solutions to investigate what grants were available for boilers and insulation and why Gateshead householders were not taking advantage of the grant money that is available for their homes.”
Erik continued: “Working together we have created a way to inform those in need and simplified the process to quickly identify if their home qualifies for a share of the £154million available in government grants. If they do, we do the rest, it’s that simple.”
“We work nationally installing energy efficiency home improvements, but it is great to be able to help people in our home region tap into these grants, save money on their energy bills, while also supporting the country’s ambition to have greener towns and cities.”
Scott Thomson, Operations Director at Healthy Homes Solutions, said: “From our findings, we can see that only a small number of homes in the area have already accessed the grants. In the coming weeks, we will be contacting homes in Gateshead, who we believe are eligible. So, we urge householders to look out for their Healthy Homes ‘Green Packs’ and to immediately check to see if their home is eligible.”
Scott went on to say, “We are so pleased we are able to bring the results of our study to Gateshead as improving efficiencies is not only better for the environment, but it can also make a huge difference to the cost of household bills, and help make our homes warmer and more comfortable to live in. Only the homes on our list will receive a ‘green pack’ through the door, so if you receive one, just call the number or go online and check if your home is eligible. We’ve made it that easy.
“This is great for the Gateshead community - as the funding is there to help improve the homes most in need.”

Editors’ Notes:

Pacifica Group is one of the UK’s largest providers of home services, including appliance and heating systems repair, inspection and maintenance, and product warranty solutions. It handles in excess of 4,500 jobs per week and comprises of Pacifica Home Services, Pacifica Appliance Services and UK Warranty.

Healthy Homes Solutions is a special purpose development business, with an aim to tackle key household issues such as reducing carbon emissions, improving fuel poverty, and enabling householders to be “Better off” through grant funding and bill savings. We have developed a unique way to bring the grants available and the householders most in need together which results in creating healthier homes in the UK.

Gateshead householders can visit today and check to see if they are eligible for the energy efficiency grants.

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Heating installation
Eligible homes in Gateshead to receive ‘Green Packs’ that unlock Government funding

Independent energy study uncovers £154million of Government funding available to householders in Gateshead, with most…

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